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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  July 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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without power this morning. we are live as people start to get a good look at that damage as the the sun comes up. meanwhile a woman calls police saying there is a guy with a gun on the subway but look at what officers found when they arrested him. cops say he even tried to pull one of these when they stopped him. what he told police that this stash was really for, and... a mystery unfolding in one philadelphia neighborhood after police find a body stuffed in a suitcase. the investigation to find out just who that victim is. good morning, it is 6:00 o'clock on this tuesday morning, july 15th, right. >> right. >> 2014. >> it was a stormy night and it looks like a stormy morning. >> it is indeed. in fact, our top story this morning is the weather. jenny joyce live from burlington county. that was one of the hardest hit areas during last night's severe storm and people there
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still working to restore their power. >> lets start with sue serio tracking another possible round, a little later, what is the timing on this, sue. >> after about three or 4:00 o'clock is when we expect strong storms to fire up. there are some showers around this morning and you may need your umbrella so nothing severe. in weather by the numbers we will give you a five. it will not improve much. very humid. cloud which more storms in store for later on in the day. if you are at summer camp like bus stop buddy is, watch out for lightening again later on in the day but later on temperatures are in the 70's, it is foggy and muggy. tough some see buddy and muggy in that picture. we've got scattered showers through lancaster county and chester county for the most part this morning, a little bit in bucks and montgomery. it is not a big deal. in the what we're anticipating later on and because of that anticipation we have a flash flood watch in effect through this evening for possible flooding rains again with strong thunderstorms.
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it is muggy, 75 degrees right now a lot of cloud cover and a high of 87 degrees later on with strong thunderstorms, again, i would say after three or 4:00 o'clock, it is when we will start watching the sky and closely watching ultimate doppler radar and, later on, the scott williams will be keeping an eye on all of those storms with you. 07 degrees tonight with evening storms and showers lingering even after they dissipate. you can see a slow down on i-95 but that is all you've got leading up to the betsy ross bridge. really not too much to look out for a side from that we will go to the right side of the screen here, west chester you've got two downs trees. phoenixville pike right around west chester bypass, 322. other one in hamilton township heading out at route 50 right around oaks street we will keep you updated this morning, dawn. you may want to avoid 18th and sansom street, readies closed there. it is all due to an
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underground fire in the wires. peco crews are on the scene right now, it is still unclear exactly how long the the streets will be closed. this is rough stuff last night. those storms filling the sky with dangerous lightening. this is in fact sent to us by a fox 29 viewer, in mantua, new jersey. a large home hit by lightening. this is in philadelphia's fox chase neighborhood. it caused a fire at this vacant home. this is on the 400 block of chandler street. >> wicked storms slamming in the area with whipping wind and pouring rain causing damage in a number of other spots. thousands are without power at this hour. >> in addition to those power outage as lot of people are dealing with the damage left behind from those storms. >> camden county especially hard hit. lets check with fox 29's jennifer joyce in voorhees with a look at the damage there, jen. >> reporter: good morning, kerry and dawn. now that the sunnies rising
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you can get a better sense of the damage left behind this tree was completely uprooted now covering both the front yard and the side yard of this home. it actually knocked in the side of this home, hence the blue tarp up will. >> overnight our crews caught video throughout voorhees township this was an area nailed by the storm. we have receive reports that the mayor was out assessing the damage overnight a lot of our video was shot near pellam and blue ridge road where several trees were toppled and toss add cross roadway. siding and roofs, again, ripped off from homes. we have talk to people in the area who said they heard a strong gust of wind before walking outside and seeing the damage. last night emergency crew where is out in full force, dealing with call after call, trying to clear the debris to make it safe for them. this is the largest tree we found that toppled here on the corner. again, it is uprighted but we
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have seen tree branches all across every corner in this development. so still the clean up is far from over. kerry and dawn. >> all right, thanks, jenny. proof of how dangerous that lightening was last night one person in delaware county is in the hospital this morning, following a lightening strike there. this happened along the 100 block of west ashland avenue in glenn olden. we do not know the condition of that person. my goodness a familiar scene throughout the viewing area last night. busy crews working to clear away fallen branches and tree limbs. parked cars, ouch. that happened in philadelphia. remember, you can check in with the weather authorized anytime to do so. just head to my fox, click on the weather tab for live radar and very latest forecast. septa police making a shocking discovery after confronting a passenger. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live outside septa
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headquarters with the details, steve. >> reporter: one man, seven weapons and two weeks before eagles training camp starts, we already have got the best tackle of the year in philadelphia not going to a guy in an eagles june form but a septa transit officer. here's a picture of the arsenal one man, riding broad street sun way last night at 10:00 o'clock haddon him. three big blade butcher knives, real shark, real dangerous and real big along were four bee bee guns that no one knew were not real guns at first including the lady passenger who spotted one of the guns showing and call 911. septa detectives then saw the guy on their surveillance cameras, and the gun, as the train went from the ellsworth federal station down here to city hall where they saw the the guy get off the train, go up the steps to the platform and over to love park where the septa officer confronted him. septa police chief tom says that the guy reached for one of the guns and the officer showed tremendous restrain not blowing the guy away but tackling him instead, and,
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what was the the guy up to at the time in well, the 49 year-old tells police he had all this on him for self protection, in the for sale on the street and for all seven weapons he will likely face way more than seven charges including crime of carrying look alike weapons and those knives. it last like he came across a top more confident in his tackling ability then a sanity i samuel was with the eagles a few years ago. he is lucky, isn't he. >> he is indeed and that was a fabulous analogy, keeley, thank you. police searching for clues, after discovering a women's body, in a suitcase, in north philadelphia. investigators say that body was found on the 2200 block of north third street. they say it was wrapped in the blanket and then stuffed inside. we don't necessity the identity of the victims. officials in skippack montgomery county say they now know the source of that mysterious odor that led to the evacuation of more than 150 homes.
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you first saw it as breaking news yesterday morning here on fox 29, authorities say that gasoline, tainted groundwater caused the smell. problem mostly affected three town homes got water got in their sump pump. officials don't know how the gas made it in the groundwater but fire chief says resident's health was not in any danger. still ahead, trapped, a pregnant woman forced out on to the ledge of a burning building, to escape flames and smoke. how the the crowd below helped save her, and her unborn baby. and a neighborhood is stunned when police and hazmat crews swarm a neighbor's house, why investigators say it could have tur
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dark skies just after 7:00 o'clock last night. >> time for a check of our weather on the one's and sue, we're in store for more of the same today. >> we could look at a similar picture this time tomorrow, dawn because we have more strong thunderstorms in the forecast here and at the shore. your shore cast today less than ideal. watch out for lightening. you do not want to be a lightening rod on the beach and it is easy to be the the tallest thing around. so 71 degrees. your surf temperature of 15 miles an hour. rip current risk is low but lightening threat is high. we are seeing more fog in the delaware valley.
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.3 of a mile, visibility in wilmington. lancaster it is bad as well. we have seen fog on traffic cameras with kacie this morning. we will check on that in a little bit. but ultimate doppler is showing some rain around tredyffrin township in chester county and parts of the montgomery county get something light rain as well. today, we will get to a high of 87 degrees, we will see mostly cloudy skies, like yesterday, some sun will be peeking through every now and again but it is very muggy once more, scattered thunderstorms, in the afternoon and evening and once again it could be dramatic with the high wind, and the heavy rain and the flash flooding, flash flood watch is in effect for the the rest of the day and the night, that is your weather authority forecast, here's traffic with kacie, still foggy in places. >> fog any some places but if you can see through fog you can see down trees, limbs, poles, wires. we will start in west chester. phoenixville pike near west chester bypass, 322 down tree
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there. hamilton township route 50 at oak street. down wires completely shutting down lafayette road closed between stony lane and youngsford as the alternate, dawn. next up, his picture turned into an iconic image of the boston bombing. now more than a year later jeff bowman is starting a new chapter of his
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ten people are dead and more than 100 injured after a subway train derailed in moscow. fifty victims are in grave condition. officials say it happen after a power surge trying their alarm that caused the train to stop, suddenly. about 200 people, are evacuated, we will keep you updated as more information
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becomes available. meanwhile israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning that israel will intensify it's a tack against gaza militants, if hamas rejects a proposed cease-fire. this egyptian brokered truce was scheduled to go into effect this morning but israeli military says since then 24 rockets have been fire at israel, from the hamas controlled gaza strip, since the expected start of the cease-fire. israel reportedly accepted this cease-fire but hamas turned it down. and 17 yr-old mallea, spent her 17th birthday in nigeria calling for release of the 21 knad nigerian school girls. she is the the teenage survivedn assassination attempt advocating education. she met with the the girls as well as some of the victims who escaped after beingpe back in april. the militant horam is claiming responsibility for the girls abduction.
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house committee is disturbing reports of veterans benefit backlogs and manipulation. last hearings comes on the same day as a report from the va office of the inspector general which found benefits center in philadelphia inaccurately processed claims and paid claims va hasnd fire uf delayed care and services for veterans all across thene va eme telling congre the problem is staffing. veteran service representative is responsible for doing so many types ofs perfect the the more that we inherited and the more types of clai that were expected to do the less accurate i believe it is. >> the fbi is in the middle of an investigation in arizona where the scandal first broke. as many as 40 veterans may have died from delayed care.
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bowe bergdahl released from taliban captivity back in may is returning to regular duty. he will ab signed to desk duty at fort sam houston in texas. an investigation into his disappearance and capture by the taliban is still underway but a fact finding mission revealed that he walked away from his post on his own. cell phones were railroading as five people were shot in stamford, connecticut. everybody in the video is okay. all of the victims were treated for non-life threatening injuries. police say a gunman started firing into a crowd outside of a nightclub. one person was arrested. police say he gotten into a fight with somebody else, before he began to shoot. in oklahoma a four year-old little girl leads a couple to a horrific film. jim and his wife found the child in the street nearly name, in shoes. they asked where she lived. the little girl didn't say a word. he did however take them to her apartment. they knock on the door but didn't get an answer.
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a neighbor came outside and went into the home and that is when she says she found the girl's mother, dead. >> she really looked like a little angel and, to me what i see what come down she was the angel. there is no telling how long her mom would lay there until somebody found her. >> police say they have identified, and found the suspect, in connection with that mother's death, it is a boyfriend found a day later in phoenix. he is awaiting extradition to oklahoma, investigators have not yet said how long mother had been dead or how she died. a boston bombing survivor gets another reminder of just how pressure life is. >> twenty-eight year-old jeff bowman, a survivor with local ties is now a dad. he can be seen in this now iconic picture alongside carlos row dunn dough the man who helped wheel him to safety. on unday he was back in the hospital but for a much better reason. he and his fiance welcome baby
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nora gale in the world. proud parents sharing this picture on facebook saying everyone is happy and healthy. bowman had family in the philadelphia area and he is said to be a huge flyers fan. >> big time. >> very good news there. >> hi everybody. >> good morning, mike. >> you look fantastic, both of you. >> as do you. >> i'm trying to compliment. >> we had that story gratitude is my new attitude. "good day philadelphia" starts in 40 minutes. they call her the the facebook cop, paid by facebook to police social media in one town. which town is it? make sure kids are staying clean. where she's cracking down on teens and parents on facebook. plus a young man gets what could be devastating diagnosis, he was about to lose his foot but the 23 year-old decided to turn tonight to a reason to live life to the fullest, the inspiring story, this young man documented through photos.
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about to get his foot amputated and turned it into a positive. >> i have seen that. it is great. >> got to hand it to him. that was a horrible, horrible pun. >> it could have been worse. >> that is right. >> did you get woke up by storms, yesterday. >> it was loudest thunder i have ever heard and i have been alive a long time. >> guess what, it could happen again late this afternoon or this evening. yes, more strong storms are in the forecast, but we did in the even get relief from the humidity from all of those storms that came through rather dramatically, last night. yes, it could happen again. we have had some fog around, someplace west very poor visibility. we are in the mid 70's, very warm and humid to start. eighty-seven is our high day and may come kind of early before those storms hit. sunset time is 8:28. all right, kacie, get ready. >> toga, toga. >> i necessity i wore
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white,... i don't want to talk about it. i don't repeat colors in a row. lower merion down pole, down wires lafayette road, closed between youngsford road, this is not the only incident. we have more where that ♪ come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! save $5 on admission and get an extra day to play. ♪ meet me at sesame place!
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major league all-star game is on fox 29. annual home run derby taking place in minute so the a for second straight year, youness cespedes, took the title. nine home runs in the final round to take the crown. for more on the all-star game here is our howard eskin. tonight, right here on fox 29, the 2014 baseball all-star game, chase utley is only philly in the game, he will hit seventh in the line up. story line of the game is watching yankees derek jeter playing in the final all-star game and he will lead off, his 14th and final all-star game. >> i don't know what tomorrow will be like, you know what i mean? i don't know the answer to that question. coming in here, playing in the
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all-star game and trying to win for our league because someone in this room will benefit but i don't know. >> have you thought about it at all. >> i haven't. i don't go into things with expectations. >> i don't know what he will think during the game. sixers summer league game last night to las vegas, that is cleveland in the dark uniforms, black was andrew wiggins on nerlens noel, calves come down and they shoot, pick up player scores and calves beat sixers 86-77. nerlens noel had ten. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. it wasn't exactly a dream vacation for more than 100 guests at walt disney world in florida. >> not at all. they had to be evacuated from the resort's mono rail after power outage left them stranded. that is not so much fun, right. to make matters worse there was no air conditioning. they were dealing with florida summer heat. passengers were trapped for more than an hour before fire fighters came to their rescue. good news, in one was hurt.
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officials say weather was to blame for that outage. >> doors probably didn't open and it is stifling in there. claustrophobic. >> horrifying. 6:27. still ahead, forget about the hot felon mug shot do you remember that one. this is new mug shot lighting up the internet this morning. what cops say this woman did that led to this unforgettable photo, jenny? >> reporter: here? voorhees township we will have have a look at storm
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thousands without power after powerful storms sweep through the area trees knock down, power lines on the street, the clean up is underway as we prepare for yet, another possible round tonight. and a woman reporting a guy with a gun on the subway, police tackled him after they reached for it and look at what he was carrying. what he told police all of these weapons were for. plus... >> where do you think trash was. >> i have no idea. >> local grand mom ticketed for too much trash in her yard? she said she cleans up every day and she want that ticket dropped. the pictures we will show thaw may prove that was right. all right.
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6:31. just about anyway on this tuesday morning. a wild night last night, a little bit more of the same. we are focusing on wednesday, you when we begin to lose humidity. >> and thursday and friday look pretty excellent. we will take you to the seven day forecast in a little bit but lets get through to today with your pal bus stop buddy. you can see him through the fog this morning. muggy the dog business him. we have not lost humidity when all of the thunderstorms that we had moving through. have the the umbrella nearby. we have seen a few light showers this morning, but no early thunderstorms today and we don't think we will reach 90 again today but it will be very humid, a lot of clouds and more strong thunderstorms late in the day. those are some of the showers, moving through, and thinks your flash flood watch in effect through this evening when we will get a thunderstorm and could have a lot of heavy rain. 75 degrees and real humid with 87 percent relative humidity. getting to a high of 87, later on and then strong thunder
6:32 am
storm, the keeled front and really it is eventually less humid but we have to get through the rest of the night. we will see evening thunderstorms and lingering showers after that. that is your fox cast, it is tuesday, lets see how tuesday morning is looking on the roads. you have pick the right hair style, miss kacie. >> i necessity, i listen to the weather report. monday retownship apple garden road. we have flooding. west chester phoenixville pike right around west chester bypass 322, down tree there shutting down part of the road. hamilton township same thing goes there, down tree route 50 right around oak street, dawn. all you had to to was look outside your window to see the sky lit up with lightening bolts. our cameras catching dozens of lightening strikes over center city philadelphia. in camden county the strong wind and heavy rain toppled trees and brought down power lines. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in voorhees this morning with the look at damage there and it is extensive depending
6:33 am
upon where you are, jen. >> reporter: it is extensive and some people like maryann leon got the brunt of the damage. you have four massive trees uprooted in your backyard. give us a sense, greg is in this corner. tell us, what it looked like before last night. >> so, well, these are two, 40 or 50-foot pine trees that came down on to our bar which we had four seating on have four chairs and there is a hot tub under there, another two loungers and a grill. our grill was displaced. our gas grill. and then our whole seating area, you know, table, chairs that has all been pushed or fallen on. >> reporter: maryann, we can see a number of sections offencing here. you said eight were wiped out either by wind or by some of these trees. you said were also in the dining room having din are when this tree toppled, very, very close. >> we are gist so grateful everyone is okay.
6:34 am
we got up from the dining room where you can see through the window where the the tree passed. we gotten back to the back door to see rainfall and tree fell in front of us. is there a tree now block ago this path. it all happened very fast. it was a gust of wind. we saw balls blowing from the pool so we knew win was whipping up. it just came crashing down. >> reporter: well, we are happy to know you guys are safe and everybody else in the the neighborhood we talk to they are doing okay. just a lot of damage. a lot of people calling their insurance companies this morning trying to assess and see how you you can possibly clean this up. >> it will be a long couple days for folks, jenny, thank you. now remember check in with the weather authority anytime you need to, it is easy to do on line, just head to my fox, click on the weather tab, for live radar and very latest forecast. a confrontation between transit police and a passenger ends in a really shocking discovery. >> this is crazy. steve keeley is live at septa headquarters with more on the
6:35 am
discovery. this guy had what seven or eight knives and weapons on him, guns. >> reporter: we we cannot put metal detectors every where but had septa had metal detectors for their subway system this guy would have set it off a mile before the detector and then could not fit through it because look at everything that he haddon him. it is almost, laughable, this guy was carrying all this stuff on him and he could not ride with him at ten last tonight just saw one of these four guns. she didn't see any knives at the time. she smartly called police. what they did was pulled up surveillance on the train and they see him, as it pulls out of the ellsworth federal station going north and they watched him go to city hall where he finally gets off the train and goes over to love park. they had seen one of the guns had no idea, that these four guns were actually bee bee guns but they had no idea of
6:36 am
the knives on them. the knives are real. they are real billing, real sharp and real potentially deadly. big butcher knives. so the septa officer probably confront them, far enough to do any damage they figure and the the by reaches for one of the guns according to septa's police chief tom. instead of blowing him away which most people would find justifiable this office are bravely, tackles the guy, and then gets him down before anybody gets hurt and including the guy and the officer. so, this guy is now under arrest, charged with carrying look alike weapons which is a crime, long with the knives and along with a host of other charges as well, this brave officer okay and likely will get a big thank you today. the 49 year-old after his arrest says he carries all this for protection but has to make you wonder what has happened to this guy in his life where he figure he needs all this to get around philadelphia for protection. even if somebody did mug the guy this guy has a long wait to thing which one of my seven
6:37 am
weapons will eye in self-defense in this case. >> crazy. >> all right steve, thank you. we've got a warning from state police this morning. beware of a possible police i am person nate era long the pennsylvania turnpike. investigators say that a man, pulled over a woman near king of prussia, and now they are trying to figure out if that guy was actually an officer. would the man says he was a in a dark colored suv. he was in the wearing a uniform. he never identified himself as an officer. did he ask her though for her driver's license and her registration. troopers say if you are concerned about an unmark vehicle, pull over in a well lit area and ask for id. in wilmington a desperate plea for a woman's murder. crystal brown was shot and killed last week in the 600 block of adams street. police say she was an innocent bystander, shot during a street fight. her mother is pleading for any one with any information, about who shot her daughter to please come forward.
6:38 am
>> i'm just asking for compassion. i'm just asking to you come forward, if you know anything, please give us the details. >> police say at least 30 people witnesses that street fight so someone had to have have seen something. >> her house is immaculate but she was slapped with a pricey ticket for having trash in her yard. what fox 29 discovered that has philadelphia taking another look at that fine. also... >> ♪ >> weird al taking on ferrell's mega hit happy, and you will in the be able to get out of your head. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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take a look at that hail store in a siberian beach. one person described this as being hit by raining bullet from the sky. it lasted a few minutes but many were left with severe bruises, after being hit, by that hail. that is insane. it is 6:41 right now. we need to look at weather closer to home because things are crazy here as well, sue. >> yes, shelter under a beach umbrella. >> yes. >> too much protection from that. we have in the seen anything like that, around, in fact, there weren't a lot of reports
6:42 am
of hail with the thunderstorms we had yesterday but we did have heavy downpours, and that is why once again, we have a flash flood watch through this evening. because we have more storms in the forecast. very similar to what happened yesterday, now we're left with a lot of moisture in the air, not a lot of rain around, but we wanted to show you visability because they are reduced in places. dense fog in lancaster county, it is pretty poor that visibility, in wilmington, and here is a look at some of the rain moving through, we will show you bucks, montgomery counties and berks county, light showers around reading, buckingham in bucks county, get something light rain as well. nothing like the drama we had yesterday, or that we anticipate today. humidity did not go away. we have southeasterly winds. once this cold front passes through which is really not until overnight hours tonight when we expect passage of the front, that is when we will start to see some relief.
6:43 am
lets look at the future cast but later this afternoon we are still seeing clouds but then sun breaks through. by 5:00 or 6:00 o'clock here they come again. strong to severe thunderstorms through eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock at night. left over showers around 3:00 in the morning on wednesday through about 10:00 a.m. by afternoon though the sunnies out and then by nighttime we are clearing out, and we might turn air the air conditioningt ayw ay.t expectinc drop in the seven kay forecast. we're still in the 80's on thursday and friday but humidity will make a lot of difference or lack thereof i should say. eighty-seven today. stormy this afternoon. showers left over in the morning on wednesday, sun in the ladder part of the day high of 84. 83 degrees andow humidity on thursday and friday. we could get unsettled over the weekend. we will ve to have work on that one for you, kacie. >> thanks very much, sue serio. lower merion lafayette road
6:44 am
still closed. stony lane to youngsford road itself is the alternate. update ago this transformer fire in philadelphia, south 18th street, it was shut down waln to tn one len reoped but wh a git pthole there in t middle of the roadway. look outfor. e'wa sock withwn in fog, earlier, not that bad right now. you can still see where you are going but you can ssee the . thanks, kacie. a pregnant woman find herself in a tight spot. she's forced to jump from a burning building in turkey in order to stay alive this video is trending on you tube and has people talking. you can see her there on the edge. the crowd quickly gathering to help save her using blankets and cardboard to help break the fall as she jumps om that second story window, or ledge. she's recovering in the hospital tonight and we're told she's ama i good condition. >> crazy. a very close call for a ohio couple who gotpped by fsinh their three-year old daughter in the car. they lost control of their car
6:45 am
during yesterday's rain storm and the car flipped a couple times and landed upright in the creek. the couple tried to escape. would the man got swept away as her husband managed to grab a tree branch and hung after about an hour he was able to reach higher ground and able to go get help. >> when i found him and baby hang on to a tree above a car, he was screaming tt his wife owned and that she was screaming the same thing my husband, baby drowned. pretty happy reunion when we got them both together. >> i would imagine so. family survived that crash amazingly with only minor injuries. a man pleads guilty to charges related to the 2012 warehouse fire that killed two philadelphia fire fighters. the owner of a furniture store, next to the warehouse, has admitted toaking statements to autrities. he has to serve two years
6:46 am
probation. lieutenant robert neary and fire fighter daniel sweeney died in that kensington fire. police are investigating what they believe was a drug lab in northeast philadelphia, the bomb squad and lice called to the 3500 block of grant avenue yesterday. after they say they found a whole bunch of different chemicals. police believe that the tenant in that apartment may have been manufacturing synthetic drugs like ecstasy, lsd and methamphetamine. neighbors say they are not surprised. >> i had a feeling because i see the the activity all the time, with the same guy. >> investigators say they found several manuals on how to create drugs and they also say that the tenant had a background in chip industry but has in the made any former charges. eighty-eight year-old grand mom from oxford circle wants answers as to why the city slapped her with the $50 litter fine. connie hamilton is proud of her home. hamilton says she picks up
6:47 am
trash along her home every single day. she comes out of the house to get her paper. as she sweeps up on a daily basis. she cannot believe that she was just fine in the mail, claiming city inspectors found trash on her property six weeks earlier, about 8:30 in the morning. >> it seems to be very early morning but even so, if i thought it was legitimate i would not mind paying it if i have to, i'll pay it. it is not legitimate because as i said, i clean it up every morning. >> hamilton says she plans to fight the fine, meanwhile, these pictures, e mailed to fox, may explain some things. take a look the photos show the trash, but the the house in the photo, it doesn't look like hamilton's house so the city says it is now investigating the the matter. we will keep you posted. well, first it was a california convict whose mug shot became an on line
6:48 am
sensation and now it is an ohio woman's mug shot the that is getting an attention. it is unclear as to why. thirty-four year-old angela greenery fuse todd leave her hotel room after check out time. they said she was loud. she refused to cooperate. eventually her arrest led to this, now viral photo. here's ate of jail after posting a $354.01. tracie morgan is showing public signs of improvement following that horrific and deadly car crash that he was involved in. morgan in fact was with photographers that i'm okay, i feel strong. this is according to the new york daily news. we have file video of morgan. he was spotted leaving his new jersey home yesterday. this is just a couple of days after being released from a rehab facility. he suffered serious injuries last month on a crash on the new jersey turnpike. that crash actually killed another passenger who was riding in the same car morgan was. >> this is and oklahoma teen, his name is tomorrow to the
6:49 am
white on the right and behind him on the lefties billion air warren buffet, and paul mccartney sitting on the the same bench. white snapped the picture and posted it on instagram what every teen does, the caption reading chillin with my homeies. get this, mccartney even retweeted the picture. >> it is impressive that teenager knows who paul mccartney is and warren buffet. >> right. >> weird al promoting his new album by releasing eight new videos in eight days. >> very first of those videos is none other than a parity of the ferrell's number one hit. it is called happy... >> ♪
6:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> it has been a while, anyway. this is weird al mike. >> oh, no. >> do you know who weird al is. >> i thought he was dead. >> oh, my gosh, that was tack tacky. other names like jack black, and, the video was released by >> nerddisk. >> yes. >> i have not heard of that. >> i created it. >> are they tacky. >> yes, yes. >> are they tacky. >> your husband does in the wear socks and sandals. >> guilty as charged. >> only because he didn't like his feet. >> well, i hate my feet too. >> what do you do. >> no. >> i do.
6:51 am
>> do you leave them on during -- >> oh, behave. >> fighter pilot too. >> "good day philadelphia", starts in nine minutes, that is a warning, well, would you enlist a personal shopper for your toddler. so personal shopper. those that shops for clothes and toys for your kids. even treats for your pets. yes, a new trend that has, well, items pick out just for you, shipped right to your door, would you pay for that. plus this... >> ♪ >> that is that christmas jennings family, their third video, with a new song we can all relate to when you get stuck in traffic. yes, they are back. >> that happened to us on vacation, i-95 in virginia i thought we would never get back. >> i have not driven to new york city, on the turnpike,
6:52 am
i-95, in three years. >> and why is that. >> because of traffic. >> always the train. >> all right. luckily we have kacie to help with you that. >> toga, toga. >> she will ab long in just a couple of seconds here as soon as we tell but today and we will start off with temperatures in the muggy mid 07's, there is some fog out there this morning. it is just soupy. now we have 87 degrees for a high today. that will probably happen around lunchtime shortly thereafter before the next round of strong then are storms hits and that would be the timing will be very similar to yesterday, the experience will be very similar to yesterday, with a high winds, and heavy downpours. so be prepared. we have told you the the chance is there and then get ready for, relief. we will have that, and the respite coming up in the seven take forecast. all right.
6:53 am
lower merion lafayette road stormy lane to youngs ford road. this is one of many closures this morning. thinks because of down pole and wires. we will
6:54 am
6:55 am
taking a live look from atlantic city, new jersey where we're talking pea soup, fog there. hard to get around there this morning. and, six three-year old maine grand mom embarks on the 2500-mile journey.
6:56 am
deborah walter is kyacking from port land, in maine to guatemala. she came up with the idea after witnessing extreme poverty in the country. >> now, the methane gas and the dust and vultures circling overhead, and i had a chance to talk with the parents who support their families, by scavenging in the dump, foot, clothing. >> deborah's goalies to raise money. she wants to help children get a good education so they can get jobs and start businesses. coming up next on good day, is it the summer of sharks? this video captures a great the white off cape may last month. it is one of several, so should we be concerned? plus a young man gets what could be devastating, a devastating diagnosis, he was about to lose his foot but the 23 year-old tea sides to turn tonight to a reason to live
6:57 am
life to the fullest. if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting... funding for their schools. but corbett's huge tax giveaway to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price.
6:58 am
6:59 am
dangerous lightening, heavy rain and wind battering home. more on the way today, look
7:00 am
out. and his pants were stuffed with all that, guns, knives, bullets all on septa. what happened to him. and facebook fuzz, they call her the facebook cop. paid by face bike to police social media. would you hire her to police your kids. q, what is in the water. >> there is sharks. i'm here at a ventura quarter yum, and i will be feeding and swimming with the sharks and tell you how to stay safe going down the shore. >> one thing you don't want to feed them is you. look at that a lot of sharks being reported off the jersey shore. so are you afraid. by the way, that is our question of the day, what are you afraid of. i am claustrophobia. do you have a ar
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